Sunday, 5 February 2017


   #1 Breakfast
   Eating right on gameday is your secret weapon for top-notch performance. While training and skill are important, your body`s fuel matters, too. That`s why you need a nutrition game plan.
          Breakfest, beeing the most important meal of the day, should contain carbs and a source of protein. Protein helps muscle to stay strong, recover from intense exercise and build more muscle over time. Be very carrefull with food poisoning because that is causing you stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Snacks should be maintain at a constant temperature, the lactate products should be stored in a refrigerator or a cooler. Hydratation is another thing we should discuss, but I will make a new post in the approaching days.
          Below is an example of gameday breakfast for a football team in pre-season stage. 

  •          Milk with 2 types of cereal
  •          Yogurt
  •          Jam
  •          Raisins
  •          Fresh orange juice
  •          Ham (not pork)– cheese – butter
  •          Boiled eggs and fried eggs
  •          Fresh pepper
  •          Banana
  •          White bread
  •          Croissant and cake

* Do not use oil for frying the eggs. Butter it`s a good choice, used in a small amount.