Saturday, 18 February 2017

Football drills

#8 Passing drill 

    This exercise has the goal to perfect the passing technique and include speed and space and time orientation. For this exercise you need minimum 4 players arranged in a circle like in the picture and a ball. 
    The drill starts from the player with the ball who passes to a team player and after the pass he runs towards him and takes his place. The player who receives the ball is doing the same thing, but I have to mention that the pass should be made without stopping it, only with the first touch. To make the drill harder and for a better progression, you can use 2 balls at the same time, because in this way the players are more concentrated and there is no time to waste. 
    The aim of the drill is to improve passing and movement technique and is suitable for players age 8  or bigger and the coach should pay attention to accuracy of pass, communication between players and a good player movement. The drill should last around 4` with a break of 30`` and you should repeat at least 2 times. The coach decides how many times and minutes depending of the players condition. 
    There are multiple variation of the drill, one of them is to reduce the minute of the drill to 3 and skip the pause and add force drill (push-ups, squat, etc) and other variation is to put the players to do some squats while they are waiting for the ball.