Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Football drills

#9 Speed drill

    The exercise is created for developing your speed and it`s one of my favourite because it combine the player speed with short change of direction followed by speed jumping. 
    The organisation of the drill is pretty simple. Three cones arranged in a triangle with the distance of 3-4 meters between them and 4 fences with the height of 30 cm and 10 m sprint. The player starts sprinting from the right cone presented in the picture. He/She is sprinting like it is shown in the picture (follow the arrow). After the player has finished the triangle he sprints form the point where he takes off and jumps the fences and sprints to the finish. 
     The coach should pay attention how the player makes the turn (the change of direction) and to make sure that jumps are done correctly. Also he should be aware of the intensity of player speed to maintain and not decrease. At the jumping area the coach can improvise, for example at the first run he jumps with both his knee up high and land on both feet, or only left leg jump and next time right leg jump. Also at the triangle area you can first start to run in the right and second time to the left. 
     There are many variation for this drill and the coach can adapt this in his training plan. You need minimum 4 player, because it needs to be a cold time for players to recover at least 20 sec. You also need 3 big cones (you can use also small cones), 4 fences (or something you can use, but the height should be 30-35 cm) and a small cone. 
     This exercise is improving your speed skill and the drill is created to simulate a "match moment", where you can find obstacles and short turns.