Saturday, 11 February 2017


#3 Dinner
     Nutrition is an important piece of the puzzle often overlooked by young soccer players. In addition to making poor food choices, both male and female soccer players often under-fuel or over-fuel themselves. Under-fueled soccer players feel lethargic, have decreased reaction time and speed, and lose muscle and fat. Poor nutrition choices in combination with a low-energy intake can also put a female soccer player at risk of iron defciency. Soccer players who over-fuel may feel sluggish, have decreased fexibility and speed, and gain more fat than muscle.
     Below is an example of gameday dinner (if the match is at noon) for a football team in pre-season stage.
  •          Lasagna
  •          Tomatoes – cucumbers
  •          Baked potatoes
  •          Boiled rice
  •          White fish on grill
  •          Beef stuffed with vegetables
  •          Steamed vegetables
  •          Cookies
  •          Cake with apple
  •          Fruit salad ( kiwi, orange, apple)
  •          White bread