Friday, 17 February 2017

Football drills

#1 Fitness & conditioning training 

Equipment: 1 ball

Suitable for: 2+

Number of players: Minimum 2

Organization: The players are faced each other. One players is staying in push-up position and the other player stand straight with the ball at his feet. When the coach gives the signal, the players without a ball makes a push-up, them stand and he receives a pass and gives it back. Each player must do 10 or more push-ups with pass.

  • make 3 series with 3 different types of exercise (1st push-ups, 2nd squats, 3rd squats with bounce)
  • different types of pass (high pass, mid pass, etc)

Coaching points:
·         Correct position

·         Good coordination with the pass

               This exercise can be used in the first days in the week program. The drill can be perform by players from 8+ years, but the reps should be established by age. A very important aspect is the pause between series, normally it should last 40`` and at least 30``. The intensity of the drill has to be ~70% because in that way the player can execute the drill correct and perfect.