Sunday, 19 February 2017

Scout Report

#4  Vlad Nicolae Mitrea

Vlad Mitrea Highlights from MB World Soccer on Vimeo.

    Vlad Mitrea is a Romanian player who plays for Inter Milan U17 team. He was born in Bucharest on 24 January, 2001. Vlad started his football career at FC Dinamo Bucharest where he made a name for himself, worked hard and beeing trained by very good coaches who help him get a transfer to Inter Milan this year (2017). He costs 200.000 E at his fragile age of 16.
    He is a important piece in Romania U17 and U18 and for Inter Milan plays in the Youth League.
His main position is central midfielder, classic number 10. He got the skills and a very good perception of the game. I present a video to watch him in action, where he plays for national team U17 and U18.
    My oppion, like his former coordinator coach says " it is a child who I trust very much and I really think he is going to be a star in international football and he will catch very soon the 1st team of Internazionale Milano"